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Is your quick test reliable?

We use the Abbott Panbio COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests. These have been approved by the Dutch government. However, no test provides 100% certainty at the moment. We therefore recommend that you take a PCR test at all times.

What is an Antigen Test?

An antigen test shows whether antigens of SARS-CoV-2 are present in nose and throat mucus. Pieces of the virus that can trigger an immune response in the body (usually these are proteins) are called antigens. The test gives a result in a short time; usually within 15 minutes of a nasal swab.

Where are the tests taken?

The tests are taken at one of our test locations. Our healthcare professionals can also test your employees at work location.

Who administers the test?

The tests are conducted by our licensed healthcare professionals. They also strictly adhere to the hygiene regulations and corona measures set by the government. Your safety and that of our healthcare professionals are paramount at all times.

What does a positive / negative result mean?

A positive result means that you have been infected with the corona virus. In case of a positive result, we recommend that you contact your doctor immediately. A negative result means that no virus particles were found in you at the time of collection. However, a negative test does not 100% rule out that someone is infected. In case of complaints, you should always contact your doctor.

What is the difference between a PCR test and an Antigen rapid test?

The antigen test is less sensitive than the PCR test. This means that someone who still carries very little virus and is probably not (yet) (or no longer) contagious can get a negative test result with an antigen test, while he / she can have COVID-19.

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